Sea & Waves

Porthleven Harbour Wall With Wave Breaking

All our Cornish sea and wave related stock photographs in one place. From dramatic breaking waves on the shoreline to serene flat sea days you’ll find a host of images featuring the sea here.

A Tale Of Two Seas

As a peninsula, Cornwall straddles two different sea areas, both with very different characteristics to be caught in our Cornish stock photography. The Atlantic Ocean regularly unloads its rolling swells onto the beaches and coves of the North Coast of Cornwall resulting in the potential to capture, huge breaking waves, storms and high seas in our photographs of places like Porthleven and Newquay.

Meanwhile, capturing stock photography on Cornwall’s South Coast can be a much calmer experience, with the waters of the English Channel often  arriving into the harbours of places like Falmouth with an air of tranquility to them.

Expect The Unexpected When Capturing Cornish Stock Photography!

There are many exceptions to these general rules though! Over the years, we’ve captured stock images of North Coast beaches like Watergate Bay and Bedruthen Steps with the sea looking as flat as a pancake. This nearly always coincides with long periods of anticyclonic weather in the summer months and is a real treat as a it is so rare.

Likewise, when there are big low pressure weather systems dominating the weather patterns, Cornwall’s South Coast beaches and harbours can become as inhospitable as the North Coast with high swells and big waves starring in the scenes. Gathering stock photography of Cornwall on days like this has its own set of challenges but is always worth venturing out for as it can lead to unique images of well know Cornish places.

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  • Pentire Headland With Rocks And Sea In Foreground
  • Stepper Point With Rocks And Waves In Foreground
  • Fishing Vessel Close Up With Rocks And Waves In Foreground
  • Fishing Vessel With Rocks And Waves In Foreground
  • Fishing Boat With Trevose Lighthouse And Lifeboat Station
  • Fishing Boat Stepper Point And Rocky Foreground
  • Wave Detail With Closeout Wave Behind
  • Wave Detail Foam Droplets Over Foreground Rock
  • Wave Detail Breaking On Foreground Rock
  • Wave Detail White Froth On Rocks
  • Breaking Wave Detail Over Rocks
  • Exploding Wave Droplets Over Rocks